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Enhanced beauty dual contour stick

Enhanced beauty dual contour stick

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  1. Brighten Skin Tone: Enhance skin luminosity and brightness.

  2. Retouch the Outline: Define facial contours by contouring the forehead, outlining the head, and creating facial shadows.

  3. Covers Imperfections: Conforming to the skin, effectively conceals acne marks and pigmentation.

  4. Long-lasting Makeup: Blends seamlessly with base makeup for a natural look, ensuring prolonged makeup effects.

Delicate Facial Features:

  1. High and Three-dimensional Nose: Apply the highlight color vertically along the bridge of the nose. Use shadow on both sides for a single stroke that elevates the nose.

  2. Lying Silkworm Makeup with Big Eyes: Base the eyelid with shadow and highlight for an eye-opening effect.

  3. Pointy Chin and Lips: Apply highlights to the chin corresponding to the lip peak and the lip peak itself to create plump lips.

  4. Small Face Illusion: Shade the hairline and edges of the face to create the illusion of a smaller face.


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